What We Care About

  • Ensuring every child has the innate right to grow up free from child abuse safely in their family of origin, and if placed within the Foster Care  system is given permanency expeditiously, with limited traumatic events throughout their journey.

  • That every child has the right to know their history and are given an  opportunity to share their ( ACE ) Adverse Childhood Experience  journey in an emotionally safe way to encourage healing .


  • 2.9 million cases of child abuse are reported every year in the United States.

  • Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse.

  •  The median age of children in foster care is 6 ½ years old.

  • On any given day, over 437,000 children are living in the U.S. foster care system and the number has been rising. Over 125,000 of these children are eligible for adoption and they will wait, on average, four years for an adoptive family.

  • More than 69,000 youth in U.S. foster care live in institutions, group homes, and other environments, instead of with a family.

  • Child maltreatment and instability in placement among children in foster care increases the likelihood of a child being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.

  • Between 50% and 80% of youth in foster care are reported to have at least one severebehavioral, emotional, or developmental problems and 23% are reported to have more than one.

  • Children in foster care are four times more likely to be prescribed psychotropic medications than other children and prescribed multiple psychotropic medications.

  • Over 61,000 children were adopted from Foster Care in 2018.

  • Statistics show 5% of Adoptions fail and are dissolved placing the child at further risk by rehoming or  being placed back in Foster Care. Experts agree that rate is underreported and  is more like 20-25%.

  • 30,000 youth age out of the foster care system between the ages of 18 – 21 annually

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The Adoption Advocacy Network is an initiative of the National Children's Campaign.